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Hang gliding is one of the purest aviation adventures. It allows you to fly high without the noise of a motor and search for rising air currents that can lift you over long distances.

While there are no imposed age restrictions, it is important to be physically strong enough to manage the glider and control it properly. Moreover, it is important to be mentally mature and confident to tackle this sport.

Used Gliders for Sale

A hang glider is an aircraft with a wing designed to bend and flex. Pilots are suspended beneath the wing in a harness. The pilot controls the glider by shifting his or her body weight in opposition to the control frame. The pilot is able to fly for long distances using natural air currents called thermals that rise up from the ground.

In competitions, glider pilots often fly long distances using a GPS (global positioning system) to verify that they have reached the correct check-points. Pilots also use radio to communicate with other gliders.

New pilots often purchase used gliders to get into the sport. It is important to look carefully for a well-maintained, well-flying glider that suits the pilot’s skill level and budget. Inexperienced pilots purchasing equipment off the street can easily waste a lot of money on an outdated model with unforgiving flying characteristics. This can result in a horrible flying experience that will cause the pilot to never fly again.

New Gliders for Sale

A new glider will typically cost $2000 used or $5000 new. In addition to the purchase of the wing, pilots must also buy a harness and parachute. Despite this, hang gliding is the cheapest of all forms of aviation, including manned aircraft.

A glider can be flown solo by an experienced pilot, and many clubs offer training programs for beginners. The wing is often stored already rigged in a hangar. For the best performance, a pilot will fly in ridge lift or lee waves, which are areas of alternating air pressure with high points that provide lift and sink zones.

A GPS can be used to aid in navigation, and is sometimes required in competitions. Other specialized competitions include speedgliding, where pilots race down a mountain while passing through gates, and aerobatic flying. Some acrobatic flying can be done in a special jumpsuit called a wing suit. A number of authors have written books on hang gliding and paragliding. The Adventure Productions website has DVDs of hang gliding and other aviation activities, as does the Sky-Adventures site.

Used Parts for Sale

For those looking to buy hang glider components or equipment, there are a variety of items for sale. These include airframes, reserve parachutes, launch systems, wing bags and other accessories, trike parts and more.

The most popular hang gliders for sale are the Freedom X and the Rise 3. These aircraft are light, agile and fun to fly. They are designed with 7075 aluminum airframes and carbon-fiber struts for the ultimate in performance at an affordable price.

Other popular products for sale include 2-way radios for pilot communication in the air and with ground crew during cross-country flights. These radios operate in the VHF FM bands and use a push-to-talk handheld transceiver. Pilots must be licensed to operate these devices in most regulated countries.

There are also a number of different flight computers available for hang gliders and trikes. These are typically powered by open-source software such as XCSoar and XCManager. The Darling Downs Soaring Club has recently upgraded its XC fleet with OpenVario flight computers built in-house, running XCSoar.

New Parts for Sale

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, hang gliding is an exciting and exhilarating outdoor adventure that offers the thrill of silent flight. This bird-like experience allows you to fly over natural spaces and see the world from a new perspective.

Although hang gliding and paragliding share some similarities, there are also several key differences between the two. Hang gliders are typically heavier, require a roof rack for transport and take longer to set up than paragliders.

A hang glider is a small aircraft that is towed or launched from a hill, mountain or other high natural rise. Once airborne, the pilot can rely on thermal and topographic lift to stay aloft. Hang gliders have been in use since before the 20th century and have influenced many early plane designs. For those who enjoy a more forgiving and relaxing flying experience, many companies offer lessons and tandem flights to get you started. There are also competitions for those who want to test their skill.

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